Also available for Gear VR!


Jake & Tess Finding Monsters Adventure is an Alice in Wonderland-like story in which siblings Jake and Tess find a magical gateway in their bedroom to an amazing world. Spindle, their mysterious guide, gives them magical camera with everything they need to save his dream world that is slowly fading away. The kids need to find and photograph all the weird monsters there to save this magic place. Available for Android and Gear VR.

Rococo VR is our first Technical Art Demo for Gear VR. It enabled us to see where we could go in terms of programming, performance and art.


It's an immersive experience that places the player into a sophisticated, mysterious and elegant era. It was inspired in Rococo art style from 18th century which has a unique and distinctive appearance with a lot of contrast, silhouettes and ornaments.

Galaxy 11: Invasion was a tie in game for the World Cup Samsung’s marketing campaign titled Galaxy 11. In the campaign, thirteen of the best soccer players in the world are challenged to a soccer match by aliens.


The game has a more cartoonish style in relation to the main campaign due to hardware restrictions so we decided to have a bit more fun on the game design as well. The game was mainly an infinite runner but we added a twist with boss fights and a Parkour segment.


  • Art Lead

    • Large experience as professional artist;

    • Great concept art skills and creativity;

    • Great understanding of the 3D development pipeline;

    • Capable of providing focused and inspiring creative leadership;

    • Strong presentation skills, ability to communicate both internally and to the public;

    • Passion for games and understanding of the audiences;

    • Sense of responsibility and high quality standards;

    • Writen and spoken english proficiency.

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  • Sound Designer

    • Experience creating sound effects for Mobile Games;

    • Great experience with Cubase 8;

    • Excellent knowledge of recording and mixing techniques;

    • Strong skill on Foley recording;

    • Basic knowledge of Fmod and Wwise;

    • Thrives in a fast-paced, collaborative, iterative environment;

    • Interested in helping develop different audio solutions.

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  • Technical Artist

    • Experience creating art and shaders for mobile games;

    • Good experience with Unity;

    • Excellent knowledge of a 3D software (Max, Maya, etc.);

    • Strong grasp of composition and lighting;

    • Proficiency with shaders;

    • Thrives in a fast-paced, collaborative, iterative environment;

    • Passionate about making great games.

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  • VFX Artist

    • Experience creating VFX and shaders for mobile games;

    • Large experience with Unity;

    • Proficiency with 3D graphics, particle systems, physics and shaders;

    • Solid knowledge of rendering engines;

    • Thrives in a fast paced, collaborative and iterative development environment;

    • Analytical and Creative Skills;

    • At least 2 shipped games.

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We are a Brazilian game studio committed in delivering awesome digital experiences in cutting edge technologies.


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